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Seerah 07-10-12 08:14 PM

Useful Information / Tools / Links for Developers

Chat with other developers and UI enthusiasts on IRC.

Blizzard's UI Add-On Development Policy

Wowpedia is the wiki dedicated to everything World of Warcraft, including its API.

The companion site to World of Warcraft Programming, is a great resource on the game's API. It includes function lists, widget handlers, listings of CVars and events, etc. It also is home to a FrameXML browser to view the game's Lua and XML code, an artwork browser, a web-based Lua interpreter and a BLP converter.

The official manual for Lua, Programming in Lua is available online at this site.

Lua-users is a reference site created by and for Lua programmers. In addition to the wiki, there is a great tutorial reference.

You can extract the interface files and art yourself by following these instructions.

To view 3D models outside of the game, WoW Model Viewer is a tool used by many Michinima artists.

To view 3D models inside of the game, the addon rIngameModelViewer will allow you to browse through them.

To find the path to a specific sound, Bluspacecow has compiled a list titled Sound commands for every sound from searching through the MPQ files.

BLP2PNG will allow you to convert images from BLP/BMP/TGA -> PNG and from PNG -> BLP format.

BLPView (Windows) and BLPLook (Mac) will allow you to preview BLP files right in the file browser of your OS - Windows Explorer folders or Quick Look on Macs.

Vladinator created a web-tool to turn Lua scripts you may find on the internet into a downloadable addon, complete with TOC file.

Lua Editors:

Basically, any text editor can be used - even Notepad or MS Word. But here are some editors/IDEs that other authors have used.

Notepad++ is a free editor which supports syntax highlighting in many programming languages, including Lua and XML.

Edit+ is free for 30 days on a shareware license. Lua syntax highlighting may be downloaded in the User Files section.

LuaEclipse is a plugin for the free Eclipse IDE platform.

UltraEdit has a free trial. You can get Lua syntax highlighting by downloading a Wordfile from their "Extras" section.

SciTE is a free editor that supports Lua and XML highlighting.

Smultron is available on the Mac App Store and offers support for both Lua and XML.

BBEdit and TextWrangler are both from Bare Bones Software. BBEdit is full-featured and has a free-trial, while TextWrangler is its "little brother" and is free to use.

For an in-game editor and interpreter, there are a few choices. WowLua has the benefit of a command line, while _DevPad can auto-run scripts to serve as mini-addons.


The article Getting started with writing addons on Wowpedia is a good place to get an idea of how to begin.

For specific tutorials on wowpedia, see the HOWTOs section.

I found the tutorials on lua-users to be quite helpful.

Please feel free to add your own resources to the thread!

Phanx 07-10-12 10:35 PM

Definitely some duplicates on there but I don't have time to go through and sort it out right now.

zork 07-11-12 06:05 AM

Regarding editors. I'm currently using SublimeText 2. It is avalable for Mac OS and PC.

UltraEdit is one of the best editors you can get for Windows.

sigg 07-12-12 01:20 PM

I do not recomand the windows notepad for French people and I think it could be the same for German.

By default, the windows notepad use ANSI character encoding instead of UTF-8.

If you save the addon lua files with ANSI encoding, you have to replace special character in string, for example :
ť is replaced by \195\169
Ť is replaced by \195\168

And NEVER open any files in WTF folder with the windows notepad. It will convert the file under ANSI character and the game WOW is unable to read the file. All your addons will be reseted. :eek:

So use other editors, but always use UTF-8 as default character encoding.

BTW, my favorite editor is JEdit

StormFX 07-30-12 09:22 PM

Don't forget about WoW API for Dreamweaver. :)

zork 04-10-13 07:20 AM

Iriel's Secure Headers Guide

Dridzt 05-01-13 02:30 AM


zork 07-02-13 07:13 AM

WoW API Changes Summary

Choonstertwo 09-01-13 03:36 AM

Yet another FrameXML browser:

This one has links to FrameXML function definitions in each place the function is called. It also has some other neat features detailed in the tour page:

zork 10-10-13 07:57 AM

Need some textures/artwork? No problem Blizzard got you covered.

Blizzard Press Kits


Grimmtooth 05-13-18 04:56 PM

JetBrains IntelliJ family Lua support
Any of the IntelliJ based editors (PyCharm, IntelliJ, etc) can use a Lua code plugin.

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