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Silvanas 07-16-12 08:00 AM

So does anyone have any plans to make the best pokemon addon?

I was thiking of things like setting up alternative pets incase your pet dies and you cant ress it yet becase its on cooldown
Showing some more infoamtion about the enemy's his pets
Overvieuw at the end of a battle of what damage taken / done like pvp overview screen
A popup to keep or release a pet after capturing it, (noone wants poor pets anyway)
Better overvieuw on the pet info interface, better grouping of pets whit same name (type)

those are things i came up whit to make an awsome pokemon addon but i was wondering if anyone else had any plans to make for the pokemon games or is working on something awsome

yoshimo 07-16-12 01:01 PM

for now there is which is about to put info in the tooltip of wild pets wether your current team has an advantage on that type or not as well as list the enemies abilities that he could use.
I guess there is still room for improvement and new features ;)

thymon 07-16-12 02:32 PM

Music (if possible), i want the pokemon battle music!
Not sure if it is possible to replace music in wow (legally) and the battle music is probebly copyrighted.
But you could make it so that the user has to add his 'own' music to a folder.

thats all i need for MoP to be totally awsome!

Shmii 07-16-12 02:41 PM

Can't distributed the audio files, but the addons/mods/replacers could (conceivably) be designed to incorporate the sound clips if the end user just so happened to have them.

Until the API gives us more control over setting up and initiating fights, I don't think "pokemon mods" will really take off.

thymon 07-16-12 02:52 PM

Can't wait!!

Germbread 07-26-12 01:41 AM

Still very much a work in progress, but... yeah. :P

eiszeit 07-26-12 02:13 AM

Hahaha, nice. :D

thymon 07-26-12 03:08 AM

I want that...
no no...I need it!

Coote 07-26-12 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by Germbread (Post 258788)
Still very much a work in progress, but... yeah. :P

The win is strong in you.

Haleth 07-26-12 03:34 AM

That's amazing. Posted to guild forums for laughs :D

goldengamer 08-18-12 12:02 AM

That is very awesome :D I'd love an addon that has that music, seriously! I played Pokemon Blue so much when I was younger, and zomg the memories. Even the new music I like :D Just please make it happen!

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