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Vrul 07-24-12 09:44 AM

In OverrideActionBar.xml the word "border" is misspelled "boarder" everywhere.

One small two line example:

<Layer level="BOARDER" textureSubLevel="0">
        <Texture name="$parentBoarder" parentKey="_Boader" horizTile="true">

Misspelled "border" three times, one of which is a misspelling of the misspelling. WTF?

Torhal 07-24-12 10:28 AM

My assessment: Pure win.

Talyrius 07-24-12 10:38 AM

This is pretty amusing. :p

Vlad 07-24-12 10:39 AM

Did Blizzard outsource to Mexico or something?

I'd assume they'd provide stable servers capable of handling all the annual passes they sold but it seems they didn't invest in this, and it looks like they hire cheap programmers when the spelling is wrong on simple words, like border > boarder, or separator > seperator. :P

Torhal 07-24-12 12:04 PM

Actually, one thing that I have noticed over the years is that many highly-intelligent folks (especially programmers) tend to misspell things on a regular basis.

Haleth 07-24-12 12:21 PM

There is quite a bit of junk in the Blizzard code at times, but that's to be expected considering how much there is.

Vlad 07-24-12 01:46 PM

I misspell sometimes myself, especially when I get tired and just push buttons and expect the result to be just like in my head, without checking often. As long it compiles I'm happy! :P

endx7 07-27-12 09:10 PM

It looks like they fixed at least a few of the misspellings in today's build.

zork 07-31-12 01:27 AM

That is correct. I had to change some of my variables because of them fixing their stuff. ;)

Meorawr 07-31-12 04:06 PM


Now yell that one out really loud. I'm tempted to.

Farmbuyer 07-31-12 04:41 PM

Do we still have "UKNOWNBEING" as a global string variable in MoP? :-)

Haleth 07-31-12 05:01 PM


UKNOWNBEING="Unknown Being"
Although I've no idea which file that is in!

Ketho 07-31-12 05:23 PM

Seems it has been in there for some time o.O

Haleth 07-31-12 05:40 PM

I feel considerably less intelligent having spent at least five minutes manually typing in "UNKNOWNBEING" into the search and trying to figure out how it was different from what I copy-pasted from your post. :(

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