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Brainn 08-02-12 01:19 PM

[Bug] Aura Icons
A old bug, but still happens to me in the new alphas:

im not sure what causes this, but it happens mostly when buffs fade, then another buff that is still active gets displayed twice. the double buff display persists until the number of active buffs changes, refreshing any of the active buffs does not change it.

the window in question is as basic as it can be, just frame: base + secure aura icons in the design.

Talyrius 08-02-12 03:46 PM

There was recently a discussion about this bug. In short, it only happens with temporary weapon enchants.

sigg 08-03-12 12:01 AM

Thanks Talyrius but I think Brainn was playing on live

It is possible let me check the code and come back to you

Talyrius 08-03-12 01:47 AM

This bug is on live realms as well.

[Bug] SecureGroupHeaders.lua, configureAuras function

Brainn 08-03-12 05:34 AM

i did not read everything in that thread, but since it seems to be related to weapon buffs i will disable them for now and see if that fixes the problem

sigg 08-06-12 12:09 PM

Thanks Talyrius.

I can just confirme the bug.

We can't do anything to fix that.


Brainn 08-06-12 02:54 PM

yes, i tested with weaponbuffs disabled and could not find any double-buffs today.

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