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benots4 08-04-12 03:35 PM

Readyspells -MOP version
Readyspells has been updated for beta and ready for down load.

Ready spells monitors selected spells and displays them in a display bar. I like to have horizontal just above my toons head. Spell display is prioritized by position in the watch box. Spells on top have priority and will display when available.

Spells in the watch box can also be entered into conditional boxes so they will not be displayed even if they are ready and have priority. For example an interrupt spell can be given top priority in a cell and if listed in the interrupt condition box, it will only be displayed while the target is casting on you.

Buffs, there are three types of monitoring, self, buf and debuf. each requires you add the watch spell = buff name. That allows for cases like shiv = crippling poison.

Profiles can be set to auto switch with Spec changes, group, or Raid changes.

Mouse over is available that displays an additional display bar with the first bar, on the cursor, or in the lower right corner that displays the available spells for that target.

There is a set of default configuration for each class. These defaults need work. Send me suggestions and I will include in the next update.

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