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Yarx 08-04-12 04:30 PM

LF Author for gxCooldowns
As the headline says I'm trying to find a new author for gxCooldowns as the former author "guardiX" no longer plays WoW.

"I am cancelling my wow subscription soon, meaning I will stop updating/supporting this addon. Feel free to use the code as you like."

In my opinion gxCooldowns is a very useful addon and has deserved to be updated in MoP!

I would appreciate if there is a dedicated writer who would make it to his task to keep this addon up to date.


Vlad 08-04-12 05:06 PM

Can't do much now because I keep getting exp crashes since two or three builds ago, no mater what I try it keeps happening when using certain addons/libs so I give up until they fix this! Haven't coded any addons for week now because of this, kind of lame...

Yarx 08-07-12 03:41 PM

Still looking for an author

Xrystal 08-07-12 05:53 PM

You might want to take a look at this thread as it lists various addons that either still work or have been or will be updated for MoP .

Akilah 08-15-12 03:24 AM

Chill is awesome and works fine in the Beta.

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