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Tepetkhet 08-09-12 09:35 AM

Premium + ads
Hello there,

This seems to happen every year when I autorenew my premium account...not sure if this is a common issue for others, or just me.
Looks like my premium subscription autorenewed and my account says it's premium (for example, if I try to upgrade my account here, it tells me I already have premium).

I still have ads all over the site. No, they're not blinking or popping up or shaking...
But they are there, slowing down my page loads, and urging me to get serious about my business, buy bottled water delivery subscriptions (which btw I already have...heh), and go by a Samsung Galaxy. Would be lovely to get my account correctly flagged.


Dolby 08-09-12 09:43 AM

WoWInterface checks if you have premium during the login process. So if you log out and back in it should sync up. However I just manually goosed it so you don't need to do that.

Sorry for the trouble!

Tepetkhet 08-09-12 09:47 AM

Thanks much!
I'd logged out and back in a couple times, cleared cookies, exited browser, went to and logged in, etc. so I'd kinda exhausted the troubleshooting on my end.
Still a few kinks to work out after all these years, looks like. :)

Seems to be all set now. Thanks again for the prompt response!


Tepetkhet 10-16-12 05:36 PM

Necroing my own post with additional info...

Had my computer stolen along with > $12000 worth of electronics. :(
Just got the settlement back from the insurance co and rebuilt my computer, so I'm logging back into everything and DLing all my AddOns and...

I just realized even while logged in that once again I have Ads.

So here's what I did:
I logged in with my username first and saw OMG Ads!
I logged out and back in a couple times. Closed the browser, reopened.
Still ads.
I verified my account still showed Premium.
Finally, I tried logging out, then logging in WITH MY original Allakhazam e-mail address.
No Ads.

Ta da!

Not sure what's up with that, but I'm glad I figured something out, and I hope this helps somebody else.


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