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oggor 08-28-12 10:15 PM

Odd Thing incountered on Version 5.07.25
Not sure if anyone else has had this problem:

I was doing a Hall's of Orig. and during the trash before Rahj. i clicked on the Non-elemental and the picture for him, literally took up the whole screen, and took away all my spells in the action bars.

this also occurred during the Rahj fight when i clicked the light well. (yea unbelievable) but the light well took up the whole screen.

doesn't give an error. just some Mob's and intractable items take up the screen.

Edit: using the Lite version.

Seer 08-29-12 12:53 AM

You mean worse then ??

Can't help you fix it but you can try

/nui anim

and see if that makes it go away. You'll loose the 3d portraits then tho

oggor 08-29-12 05:39 AM

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actually... worgens (in worgen form) in party do that for me, and most mobs that are targeted...

i figured that was caused by something else. guess not. try to get you a screen.

Attachment 7106 Attachment 7107

thats with the glyphed version of lightwell. i can't find anyone with a un-glyphed version.
some mobs do this same thing... but on a much larger scale. can't see anything past it..

Xrystal 08-29-12 05:54 AM

Ah its apparently a blizzard bug with unit frame addons I guess.

I've not seen the problem myself but it might be in combination with some settings.

oggor 08-29-12 06:13 AM

ok. thanks Seer, Xrystal. good to know. just won't tank/heal until they fix it.

Edit: the /nui anim does seem to work for it.

i got a few error's in DS during spine, and madness... but couldn't keep them. they where nUI errors. but it didn't seem to mess anything up. there an addon that will store error's? so i can get them in here.

spiel2001 08-29-12 07:40 PM

Yeah.. this issue is a BLizz bug with unit frames that use portraits. They are aware of it.

You can try upgrading your version of DirectX and/or video driver to see if it goes away. Otherwise, as Xrystal has noted, you can use the '/nui anim' command to turn animated portraits off.

UrbanArmitage 08-30-12 02:43 AM

I had a similar issue last night with 5.07.25 with a training dummy in Stormwind. With 3D portraits enabled when I selected it the 3D portrait took up the full height of the screen and obscured the spell bar and other items behind it.

I can confirm though that /nui anim fixes the issue.

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