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hakila 08-29-12 10:53 AM

I updated my nUI to the new patch for 5.0.4. When I loaded my game, nothing was there, no UI at all. I went back out and was looking at my addons and at Curse. Curse is telling me it is up to date, but ingame it is still telling me that it is out of date. Any ideas?

Xrystal 08-29-12 11:30 AM

The TOC value at the top of the nUI.toc file is set to the wrong value. You can either change it to 50001 or simply tick the Load out of Date Addons.

hakila 08-29-12 12:49 PM

i did the load out of date addon, it showed a blank screen. it did not load my ui

Xrystal 08-29-12 12:55 PM

Ok post a screenshot here using the attachment option. The new version should be working fine.

hakila 08-29-12 03:21 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here are the screenshots both for my addon panel and what my screen looks like. I tried to capture the screen where curse is telling me i have the most recent release but was not sure where it was saving to.

Xrystal 08-29-12 03:29 PM

that screenshot isn't showing the Load Out of Date addons box ticked .. in the top right of the addon list. Tick that and the out of date messages should disappear. see how that works for you.

But even if that didn't work you should have had at least the base blizz UI unless you have another bar addon.

hakila 08-29-12 03:30 PM

i do, i have bartender disabling the blizzard ui

hakila 08-29-12 03:32 PM

lol that worked. i feel like a retard now. sorry

Xrystal 08-29-12 03:34 PM

No worries. Its usually the little obvious things that plague us for ages rather than the obscure ones.

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