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Haleth 08-29-12 07:41 PM

Simple texture request

I'm struggling with a WoW icon I want to edit. I've tried to add a 1-pixel black border to this icon:

I managed to do so alright and converted it to tga. It preserved transparency and it looked nice and crisp as well.

However, ingame, part of the border is a blurry grey. The icon is at the correct size, my UI is scaled properly and I don't have multisampling on.

Am I doing something wrong? Could someone explain it to me if they know the solution? Or feel free to do so yourself if you like.

Thanks. :)

Seerah 08-29-12 07:53 PM

Did you have multisampling on in your graphics editor?

Haleth 08-29-12 08:20 PM

No, that's what's so strange. The actual tga image when I was done with it was nice and crisp.

Seerah 08-29-12 09:32 PM

When I scale it up to 2400%, there are a few pixels that are grey, rather than black...

nin 08-30-12 12:16 AM

I colored the parts i found that had greyish parts, the light red is grey on white. the bright red is grey on black.

zork 08-30-12 02:11 AM

You alpha channel is broken I guess:

I tried to correct your image:

Sidenote. I read stuff from Iriel once about texture shearing.

The interesting part of that is the outer 1px offset. To see it you have to zoom in. The slice texture is 32x32 px in size but is off by 1px at the bottom. Basically only 32x31px is used. The 1px transparent row is then used to be able to shear the texture. (Basically the transparency of that one row is used as an indicator of what color to use)

Afaik the outer border of any texture that 1px is kind of special.

So if your texture is still bugging out try to keep the alpha channel black for the full 1px border of your image. (only use 30x30px inside)

Haleth 08-30-12 03:39 AM

Thanks for that. Seerah/nin (you're back nin!), the inside was meant to be partially grey, but the spot on the border was an oversight.

zork, I've tried your fix and it's definitely an improvement, but there does still appear to be a slight blur as if it were anti-aliased. I think you're right about the outer border.

zork 08-30-12 04:25 AM

Are you sure that you have no UI scaling and both "setpoint" and "setsize" use flat pixel values?
Is the texture the same size as the original texture image?

Haleth 08-30-12 04:36 AM

Yes and yes. Every other texture or pixel font in my UI looks sharp. I don't have any other textures with a 1 pixel border like this though.

I'd upload a screenshot but it's not high enough quality to show the blurry part.

zork 08-30-12 05:15 AM

Maybe your monitor has a dust particle just on that spot. :p

Phanx 08-30-12 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by Haleth (Post 261118)
I'd upload a screenshot but it's not high enough quality to show the blurry part.

/console screenshotFormat TGA
/console screenshotQuality 10

Or, after hitting PrintScreen, go paste into Photoshop instead of using the file WoW saves.

Tonyleila 10-08-12 09:24 PM

Why do you want a black border? This border will make it look bad if its not blured a little bit.
I made a TGA one that will look like blizzards

But if you want wan with clean black border use this png

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