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mbernarr 08-30-12 02:08 AM

High memory usage and low FPS
Used nui+ for a long time and I've always had some issue with low FPS and high memory usage but its at the point of where I cant pvp at all even w/ my graphics on fair settings b/c I am pulling maybe 5-7 FPS when I shut all my addons down i pull 15-20 fps. NUI+ is pulling 36.MB of memory. I run NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE
processor AMD A6-3600 with 4096 MB ddr3 i think. I don't know if it's just that my card is old but that's what I have to work with every site tells me that I should have no issues running MOP or 5.0.4. Is there something I am not seeing. All my other addons that I do run hardly take up any memory.

UrbanArmitage 08-30-12 02:58 AM

There have been several complaints in teh Blizzard forums about a significant drop in frame rates since the release of 5.0.4, and there are some changes to the graphics engine including an Ambient Occlusion control in the graphics settings. I have noticed a significant drop in frame rates both with the vanilla client and nUI since last night (EU rollout of 5.0.4) as well as some graphics anomalies when using AO and Multisampling that did not exist before.

I dont think this is an issue caused just by nUI and I feel that we should try playing around with the various graphics options to establish what their impact is and whether the overall drop in FPS of about 35% can be rectified using these controls.

mbernarr 08-30-12 04:17 AM

well like i said in my post i am only running on Fair graphics in game as it is, hate to have to go down to the last setting. But I will look into what some of the other graphic stats are and see if I can dump some even lower to get my FPS up.

Rucker403 08-30-12 06:03 AM

Check your other addons, too. You might want to disable or uninstall a few. Folks in trade chat on my server were complaining about Healbot. I'm not saying that's the cause of your issue, but it might be a good place to try if you're stuck.

I'm running a pretty old card (nVidia 9800), but my FPS shot up to about 150 last night. Granted, I was on my bank alt in Ironforge, and my settings are all on fair/good, but still.

Check your in-game video settings, too. I don't know if it's new (it's the first time I noticed it) but there's a slider to set your FPS max. Maybe yours is all the way to the left?

mbernarr 08-30-12 11:45 AM

I don't see any other slider other then the graphics slider and like I had mentioned before its set to next to lowest graphics setting at (FAIR) with the rest of the settings being LOW, FAIR, GOOD, HIGH, ULTRA this is the only slider settings I see.

As far as my other addons are concerned I only run Titan panel, gladitorlosa, BGTargets, Bagon, Crapaway, DBM(with only core and pvp mods loaded no raid info loaded), dot timers, gladius, doom pulse cooldown, power auras classic, and trinket bar. None of these pull more then pull more then 1.8MB where as NUI+ is pulling 20 to 40 MB.

I don't run recount and even when I do I use skada and only load dps and threat meter are the only options I track. But as for now all I do is pvp, so I dont even run this, when I pvp I want as few addons as I can get running so my FPS and response times are fast. Which gets us back to the issue that NUI IS hogging all the memory and really all its doing for me is drawing the interface its not tracking anything for me.

spiel2001 08-30-12 05:36 PM

You could try lowering the nUI frame rate... but that likely won't help ( see this faq: )

You could also try grabbing a copy of the nUI6 (Alpha) release if you are on the nUI premium download or e-mail updates lists. I expect nUI6 to provide most people a frame rate improvement and no memory leak.

UrbanArmitage 08-31-12 03:31 AM

I noticed this morning (07:00am GMT+2) that my FPS on Vek'nilash EU jumped up considerably from last night and the night before. I was getting 88 FPS in SW outside the Trade bank which is my favorite chilling spot, and last night an the night before I was getting about 25-35 FPS in the same spot with the same camera POV. Even allowing for the fact that it is much quieter in SW at that time of the morning I am wondering whether Blizzard haven't made a change or two since 5.0.4 hit which have improved the FPS issues many people have been complaining about.

mbernarr 08-31-12 04:47 AM

in pvp i was pulling 2 fps in battle i stop using NUI and i pull 48 fps theres something not jiving here. The ui should not be pulling that much memory.. And i put my quality up to high from low and I pull 48 fps w/o nui running.

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