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WowMarie 08-30-12 02:38 AM

Demonic Fury Bar

First of all, I would like to tell you that I really enjoy this nui. I have been using it for quite a while now and think it's much more convenient than other addons I tried.

I was also very happy to see that it was upgraded for the new patch, so I can continue to use this :). I play a demonology warlock and have noticed that I can only see how much demonic fury I have by going over the bar with my mouse (or at least I didn't find any other way, sorry if it is there and I didn't notice it :) ).

Is there a way of showing the actual number instead of the purple bar? That would be so much easier when I'm trying to track when I can go in and out of meta.

Thank you for your assistance.

Xrystal 08-30-12 06:01 AM

The purple bar is the default frame that blizz use. So, it looks like by default there are no text value displays apart from mouseover like with the health and mana bars which nUI have adjusted to show the values for. It would involve customizing the new special bars to permanently display the text value.

I'll take a look tonight and see how simple that would be. I have a demo warlock so can test that specifically but if it works it should be possible to do it similarly on other bars that aren't easily identifiable.

WowMarie 08-30-12 08:43 AM

Thank you for your reply Xrystal :)! I look forward to hearing what you can make of it, thank you for looking into this matter.

Xrystal 08-30-12 02:56 PM

Okay, looks like blizz built the display of that text into the options.

Look at the status text section of the interface options screen. Tick the player box and it should keep the % value displayed. See if that suits your requirements.

WowMarie 08-31-12 02:20 AM

Hi Xrystal,

Thank you for that, I will look at it as soon as I come home from work today :).

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