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Mobius3010 08-31-12 09:23 AM

Special Action Bars not appearing
I'm not sure if this is covered in another thread, but blizzards special action bars do not appear when I have nUI enabled. I'm not sure if it is because blizz changed something on their end, but before the patch, this wasn't an issue. If you would like a screen shot of what I mean, let me know and I will get one up.

Xrystal 08-31-12 02:19 PM

Please if you can.

I am sure I tested all the classes to make sure all their special bars came up.

It may be that non class extractionbutton1 button that you are talking about that for some reason doesn't auto appear when they should and you have to use a macro before fighting I think.

Dresden 08-31-12 03:11 PM

i'm having the same issue. Specifically it is the "BonusActionButton", all of them. I'm lvling an alt right now and i'm doing the quests in Mt Hyjal and having problems. The series of quests that are calling this button so far are the ones where you have to infiltrate the group and answer questions when you are tested and giving the graduation speech. The only work around i've found is disabling nUI which is a shame as i love this UI. Hope there is an easy fix

Xrystal 08-31-12 04:31 PM

Hmm wonder if BonusActionBar has been changed since 4.3.4. Let me check.

Can't see anything jumping out at me but that could be because I dont know what file it is in as there isn't a special file for it. Think all my 85s have done that quest chain so hard for me to test it personally to identify it.

Mobius3010 08-31-12 05:35 PM

I don't understand .lua very well, but since I started using nUI, the special action bar hadn't been an issue until recently. This started when the button for Ultraxion wouldn't appear. If I understand how it possibly works, it may just be a mismap between blizzards special action bar, and it getting set in nUI. I will scour the .lua files and see if anything pops out.

Xrystal 08-31-12 06:23 PM

Yeah it sounds like it might be linked with that. The ultraxion bar is the extraactionbutton1 button. Both it and the other one were introduced in cata and hasn't worked 100% since then.

Lejion_rom 09-01-12 08:12 PM

yeah the only real problem i have found have been since DS was released. The ultraxion and Madness buttons wouldnt appear, i did a macro to make them appear but they were right over my bars like most extra bars. Back during BWD, and into firelands though i had an addon that allowed me to move that bar over to where the recount is. Unfortunately i dont think that addon ever got updated and since DS i havent been able to use that to move any of my bars around. Recently because i kept forgetting to press the macro going into Heroic Ultrax and such, i wouldnt have my button, i ended up finally keybinding my extraaction button.

Is there any plans on making a fix to how the extra bars/buttons work going into MoP, if needed? 1) making sure they appear, and 2) maybe making them appear elsewhere on the screen so they dont cover a good 10 buttons or so on my bars. or maybe a toggle option between like 2 or 3 locations that a play can choose from.

Xrystal 09-01-12 09:35 PM

The extra action bars are a part of the mover system so using /nui movers should allow you to move them to where you want them to appear when they spawn. Unfortunately with the advent of the Pet Battle System, at present the Pet Battle Frame takes up the whole screen when you use /nui movers so you have to temporarily move it out of the way while you access the frames underneath.

Unfortunately again, the way that Scott has written nUI's mover system is slightly different to how I wrote my temporary plugin to move the frame but we haven't figured out what differences are making it so that my way worked and his one for some reason doesn't show the frame automatically without a macro or keybind.

Of course once it is figured out ( hopefully that problem will get figured into the version 6 overhaul ) it will get incoporated. So hopefully, when I can get to test out this button appearance next weekend I'll finally figure out what needs to be changed in nUI to get it to work properly. At present the only thing I recall seeing different about it is the anchoring system. But why it would only affect that frame is unknown.

singafunga 09-02-12 12:31 AM

Darkmoon Fair Special action bars not appearing
Darkmoon Fair just started. I went to do the dailies, which all have special action bars for using the hammer, shooting out of the cannon, mini tonk game, ect.. Anyway, the usual action bars do grey out, but the special action bar to control the game do not appear?

UrbanArmitage 09-02-12 03:14 AM

Just a note on the ExtraActionButton, I had the same problem as others using 5.07.24 and 5.07.25 in DS with Ultraxion, so I installed the BetterExtraActionButton addon and it is working fine now. I ran DS last night (1st of Sept 2012) with nUI 5.07.25 and it worked as expected. The /nui movers command also allows you to move the BetterExtraActionButton so it doesn't sit on top of the action bars in nUI.

So in my long-winded way i'm saying that BetterExtraActionButton is still a workaround for the Ultraxion button problem. :)

Xrystal 09-02-12 05:41 AM

Thanks Urban. I will definitely look into it when it comes to the US servers next week. I have yet to see that frame in action as I don't raid/dungeon anymore so its hard for me to see it in action rofl.

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