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Shiguré 09-02-12 04:56 AM

Darkmoon Faire Games
Good morning/afternoon.
I recently downloaded the Nui addon, which is excellent also.
But I had some problems with it in the Darkmoon Faire... In fact, when I want to play those games (such as Whack-a-gnoll), there is supposed to be a special action bar with the abilities needed for the game. But, this special action bar never appeared on the screen. I can do nothing !
To complete those games, I had to disable the Nui for a moment.

Is there a way to play in the Darkmoon Faire without disabling Nui ?

Xrystal 09-02-12 05:39 AM

If you macro in ExtraActionButton1 click it should work but until it comes to the US I can't test it to find out why it isn't showing properly now. There was a post made yesterday about it. First Friday is when they come to the US servers so unfortunately until then I have no idea why it isn't working. Only suspicions.

However, if you want to test something out to see if my theory is sound, could you try tweaking a file for me and testing it out.

In /nui/plugins/nui_movers.lua make the changes noted here but make a copy of the file first so you can roll back to it if it doesn't fix it. But apart from the different way Scott has coded the mover system to the way I did the positioning was the only other difference. Let me know if it fixes it for you.

Lua Code:
  1. {
  2.         frameName = "ExtraActionBarFrame",
  3.         labelText = "Extra Action Bar Frame",
  4.         parent = "UIParent",
  5.         addOn = nil,
  6.         exclusionFrames = nil,
  7.         requiredFrames = nil,
  8.         defaultPosition =
  9.         {
  10.             anchorPt = "BOTTOMRIGHT",    >> Change to "CENTER"
  11.             relativeTo = "nUI_ActionBar",   >> "UIParent"
  12.             relativePt = "BOTTOMLEFT",     >> Change to "CENTER"
  13.             xOfs = -5,                               >> Change to 0
  14.             yOfs = 0
  15.         },
  16.     },

Shiguré 09-02-12 06:06 AM

I tried to change nui_movers.lua like you said but there is no change. Nothing changed in my interface and the special action bar still do not appear.
I guess I'll try to do a macro for that.

Thank you.

Edit : I don't know if it helps. But I'm playing WoW in french.

Zyella 09-02-12 08:43 AM

I tried the macro, and no luck getting the DMF games to work. Guess I'll have to turn off nui+ for now while I do my dailies there

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