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AlexSUCF 09-04-12 03:52 PM

Original Blizz UI displayed over nUI
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The basic UI provided by Blizzard is displaying on top of nUI. Everything works perfectly on my main (Hunter), but when I switched over to my alt (Mage) everything is confuzzled. I attached a screencap of what is going on. The HUD seems to be working when I target something but the double action bars make it difficult to use. Any suggestions?

Edit: All the same addons are active on both toons.

Xrystal 09-04-12 05:18 PM

Based on the addons being the same I would suggest checking the WTF folder. Maybe renaming it and letting the addons rebuild them. It should then result in identical displays for all toons until you rearrange them.

spiel2001 09-04-12 06:35 PM

That looks to me like something is breaking you load. You might want to try doing a clean install as per the instructions here:

AlexSUCF 09-04-12 08:02 PM

Just tried deactivating random addons one at a time and it seems like Bartender4 is causing some problems.

Xrystal 09-05-12 12:57 AM

That would be it .. bartender4 and nUI are trying to do the same thing and clashing.

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