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theatredivachu 09-09-12 11:38 PM

nUI console dissappeared!
I've only noticed this on my Warlock. But my entire top console is gone. The one that contains the HUD controls, and the blizzard bar. My other characters have it, but on my lock it's gone. I've gone through one by one for my add-ons, tried all the different settings to fix it, and it won't show up. The best I can guess is that something broke because of the new Demonic Fury bar as there were no issues before then.
Tell me what you need to help fix it, and I'll get it for you.
Yes, my add-on is up to date as well. ^_^

Thank you in advance for all your hard work on this!

Seer 09-10-12 12:31 AM


/nui console {on|off|mouseover}

Sets the visibility option for the top console where 'on' always show the console, 'off' always hides the console and 'mouseover' shows the console when the mouse is over the console.

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