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crazzzzi 09-12-12 11:52 PM

Another annoying green box
don't know if this was already covered, but that annoying green box from the button bag is showing up over the middle of my target's heath/resource bar. if there is a quick edit to remedy this that's cool. if we need to wait for 6 that works too. it is just a minor annoyance and the numbers at the bottom of the bar still show

edit: i am using, nui centeredHUD, could that be the culprit?

Xrystal 09-13-12 01:11 AM

Hmm, I have a strange feeling it will happen on regular nUI.

Target it a mob or target dummy thats 3 levels above you and see if that happens. Or it could be the other icon that appears.

As in, I think they changed those old silver and gold icons.

In either case, yes, it is quite possible it is only the plugin with the problem but if you can remember what you were targetting or test the above with both the plugin and without it should prove whether it is or not.

The solution would be to search out the filename for that image in the source code and either replace it with"" to clear it or locate the correct filename blizzard changed it to.

crazzzzi 09-13-12 06:27 AM

i think it is only rares and elites that cause the issue

zork 09-13-12 07:03 AM

Green box = missing texture.

Xrystal 09-13-12 02:32 PM

okay, looks like they changed a filename somewhere. will take a stab over the next few hours if I don't fall asleep rofl.

edit: well that was quick .. well for a quick check anyway.

Try looking at folder: \AddOns\nUI\Layouts\*** LAYOUT ***\HUDLayouts\** HUD STYLE **\nUI_HUDSkin_**LAYOUT**_Target.lua and looking for the following text and change nUI_CeneteredHUDto nUI and it should hopefully work. There are probably similar ones in Player.lua and once it is known that it is the culprit make the other changes appropriate.


elite_icon      = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI_CenteredHUD\\HUDLayouts\\Art\\nUI_HUD_EliteRight",
rare_icon      = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI_CenteredHUD\\HUDLayouts\\Art\\nUI_HUD_RareRight",
rare_elite_icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI_CenteredHUD\\HUDLayouts\\Art\\nUI_HUD_RareRight",
world_boss_icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI_CenteredHUD\\HUDLayouts\\Art\\nUI_HUD_WorldBossRight",

crazzzzi 09-13-12 11:38 PM

i changed the appropiate stuff in nUi centeredHUD, still the same green box :(

Xrystal 09-14-12 12:32 AM

Ok, if Scott doesn't spot this tonight and sort it out I'll take a look tonight.

crazzzzi 09-14-12 05:29 AM

thx a bunch fo all the hard work, it would be nice if Blizz devs would post what they planned on changing in the game so you all can at least get a leg up on the add ons

Xrystal 09-14-12 09:08 PM

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Well, after failling asleep for about 5 hrs unexpectedly I took another look ..

Change that block of layout code I mentioned to the following:

Lua Code:
  1. elite_icon      = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI\\Layouts\\Default\\Art\\nUI_HUD_EliteRight",
  2. rare_icon       = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI\\Layouts\\Default\\Art\\nUI_HUD_RareRight",
  3. rare_elite_icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI\\Layouts\\Default\\Art\\nUI_HUD_RareRight",
  4. world_boss_icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\nUI\\Layouts\\Default\\Art\\nUI_HUD_WorldBossRight",

It was the wrong path before to get to nUI's main art files

crazzzzi 09-15-12 07:42 AM

that's the pepper! i'll say it again Xrystal you're awesome, ty

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