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Rol1 09-16-12 05:41 AM

Not able to get Nui+ 5.07.26 to open in game
I have gone through the steps and was able to get older versions to work but the newest 5.07.26 will not show up . I go through the steps and get 5.07.24 and 5.07.25 to show and work but no .26. Any ideas?

Xrystal 09-16-12 06:07 AM

Hmm, should work as normal. Im using the new version myself with no problems.

Does it appear in the addon list on the character screen ?
If not make sure it is correcly in the addons folder so that the folder path for the toc file is AddOns/nUI/nUI.toc

Rol1 09-16-12 06:13 AM

no it doesnt show up on character screen . But i do the same steps on the older versions and they show up .

Xrystal 09-16-12 06:45 AM

ok double check that the nUI folder is in the addons folder like normal and that the nUI.toc file is inside the nUI folder. I couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary when I extracted it earlier myself. I just did what I normally did for all the addons I use.

Rol1 09-16-12 06:58 AM

yes the nui.toc file is in there

Rol1 09-16-12 07:05 AM

Should i remove the pluggins even though hey work with the older versions?

Rol1 09-16-12 07:22 AM

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Here is a screenshot showing it in the right place

Xrystal 09-16-12 07:38 AM

aha, as i thought. you have the wrong folder in there. it is possible it waszipped up differently this time and i never noticed. open up the folder you have there and you should have one called nUI, and just nUI. No letters or numbers following in it. move that folder into the addons folder and it should work.

Chmee 09-16-12 10:04 AM

It appears that Scott used something called free jzip to package the addon, and that application stuck in an advertising link as an additional file at the same level in the zip as the nUI folder.

Rol1 09-16-12 01:00 PM

Worked good thanks for all the help

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