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JokerGod 09-17-12 07:23 PM

A little help with debuffs/buffs
Hey, I'm trying to follow the layout that I have before to active them, making where you scroll over them and get a Tooltip. However, I'm not able to get into the files. They all say .lua and I apparently don't have the program to change them let alone read them. I really love using nUI, but I really need to be able to see the buffs and debuff, so a little help here please would be greatly appreciated

Chmee 09-17-12 09:57 PM

AFAIK, buffs and debuffs are part of the nUI system. There used to be a screen shot on the nuiaddon site showing where all the features go, but it seems to have gone missing since Scott changed the site layout. Anyway, the player buffs are on the left side, just above the dashboard. Player debuffs and target buffs are in the hud. Target debuffs are on the right side, above the dashboard. They should show up. If they're not, post a screenie.

Lua files are just text.

Xrystal 09-18-12 12:52 AM

As chmee said the lua files are normal text files so you can edit them with something as simple as notepad.

The tooltips for the buffs and debuffs were turned off as it would cause problems for click attackers. But the setting is overridable by enabling interactivity of the aura buttons.

Folder: Interface\AddOns\nUI\Layouts\Default\HUDLayouts\PlayerTarget
File: nUI_HUDSkin_PlayerTarget_Player.lua and nUI_HUDSkin_PlayerTarget_Target.lua

PlayerTarget portion is the name of the HUD layout you use so change that accordingly.

In the player file you will see a block like this:

                ["Aura"] =
                        [1] =        -- debuffs
                                anchor =
                                        anchor_pt  = "TOPRIGHT",
                                        relative_to = "$parent_Health",
                                        relative_pt = "TOPLEFT",
                                        xOfs        = 40,
                                        yOfs        = -100,
                                options =
                                        enabled = true,
                                        size    = 45,
                                        strata  = nil,
                                        level  = 1,
                                        aura_type        = "harm",
                                        origin          = "TOPRIGHT",
                                        player_auras    = false,
                                        dispellable      = false,
                                        horizontal      = false,
                                        highlight_player = false,
                                        aura_types      = true,
                                        cooldown_anim    = false,
                                        flash_expire    = true,
                                        clickable        = false,      <<< change to true
                                        rows            = 3,
                                        cols            = 4,
                                        expire_time      = 10,
                                        hGap            = 5,
                                        vGap            = 20,

The target file will have something similar.

I believe that will make it so that on mouseover tooltips will appear. If memory serves me right.

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