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Gello 09-21-12 07:27 PM

Moving addon out of Outdated and disabling smilies
I just updated an addon (this one) that was deservedly in the Outdated category (previous update was in 2008). I'd like to move it to the Action Bar category. Is that something we can do? If not can one of you nice mods do it for me?

Also I can't figure out how to disable smilies in the addon's description without wrapping it in a code-like tag. Is that possible?

edit: Oh yeah and third thing, I had an animated gif to show the addon in action to explain it better. It's about 128k in size. Is there a way to get that to work? Totally understandable if not. Addon descriptions could start to look like geocities homepages if that got out of control. But was curious.


Seerah 09-21-12 08:02 PM

I moved it for you (you can just PM us with a link and we'll take care of it in the future).

I don't think I see a way to disable smilies. The forums has this as part of vB, but perhaps Dolby can add a checkbox for the parser for description text. /shrug

As for the .gif, you can display it directly in your description from wherever you are hosting it.

Gello 09-21-12 08:31 PM


I'll remember to PM in the future.

It looks like we can get around the similies by breaking up :p with :(COLOR=WHITE)(/COLOR)p

I'll tool around with the gif thing later. Thanks again!

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