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anotherbiffname 09-24-12 02:37 AM

How is nui 6 coming along?
Sorry wasn't exactly sure where to post this one, mostly just curious how it's coming along, and wondering of a test copy will be ready to try out/bug test or w/e.

One other thing a little different question is if and when some of the custom layouts will work with it, while I love the original layout I trend to grow bored of anything after a while of using so having custom layouts was nice.

spiel2001 09-24-12 04:54 AM

Last night I finally managed to figure out why my action bars were so broken... that was a huge hurdle that has been holding me back for quite a while. So, I should have another update out soon.

As for custom layouts... yes... they will be available (also soon). nUI6 is taking a different tack than nUI5 did... the "lite" version will include all of the raid frames and the "plus" version will be a *separate* addon that adds functionality to the lite version... among which will be the ability to use custom skins and a GUI editor for customizing your layout. It's a big part of why the development cycle for nUI6 is so long... I am not just designing the UI, I'm also designing the editor for it... the two kind of go hand in hand.

That said, I don't plan to release the editor right away. So, there's still going to be a while before you can customize your nUI6 layouts.

anotherbiffname 09-24-12 07:45 AM

However long it takes is fine by me, was just wondering if it would be.

spiel2001 09-24-12 05:29 PM

Well, with truly sincere thanks to Manchine and the rest of the nUI community, I finally have a computer I can work on and actively test in WoW. It's made a huge difference. ~smile~

anotherbiffname 09-24-12 07:33 PM

Guess we all have to thank them then, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't use nui anymore

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