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lewis1r 09-26-12 06:59 AM

Remove or Resize Title Screen
I am newly back to WoW and find a huge CARBONITE logo top center of my screen. I can't drag it or resize it. I really want it to go away after a polite advertising moment. Any suggestions?

Dridzt 09-26-12 07:13 AM

If you're back from an absence your first task would be updating your addons to latest versions and if some don't have a WoW 5.x compatible version yet, temporarily disable them or look for alternatives.

tinyu 09-26-12 07:35 AM

completely delete your Interface and WTF folders login to WoW then exit game then redownload all your addons that have been updated for Mists of Pandaria and find replacements for those that havnt been.

lewis1r 09-26-12 07:59 AM

Good call...I had updated most addons (Curse client) but not Carbonite. Have a new shiny version and all is well!

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