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shadow_wolf_30 09-26-12 10:24 AM

Green square
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ive got another green square on my screen its on the the player portrait over my health and energy bars.
i got the button bag green square fixed but now ive got this new one. ive disabled nui and it was gone. ill attach a screen shot

Seer 09-26-12 10:59 AM

Were you pvp flagged?

Not sure you can even be that on the pandaren starter area, but it kinda looks like the spot where the pvp flag indicator sits..

shadow_wolf_30 09-26-12 11:02 AM

I play on a pvp realm, smolderthorn. and i think you are right

Seer 09-26-12 11:34 AM

Guess Spiel (or xrystal) can fix that easily then :-p

But I'm sure they'll poke in soon enough.

shadow_wolf_30 09-26-12 12:19 PM

well after i was done with the pandaren starter area and hit stormwind the green square has ceased to exsist. ill let you guys know if it comes back.

Driller 09-26-12 01:19 PM

the green square is your horde or alliance flag as you where only in panda starter area you did not have a faction so that is why you had a green square.

spiel2001 09-26-12 04:51 PM

Yeah... the Pandarian don't have a unique icon for PvP before they have chosen an alliance... so you end up with a green square in nUI5 when they are PvP. I have fixed that already in nUI6 by using the sanctuary icon instead. It has not been fixed in nUI5.

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