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Lamoot 09-27-12 12:18 PM

"The objective is not in the database"
None of the MOP quests are in the database for my Carbonite. But I don't see any other posts about it. Is it a problem on my end? If so, does anyone have a fix for it?

Edit: Also, both maps (Main and the minimap) are black.

jarda128 09-27-12 12:40 PM

do you have fan update from ? download 4.301 from and then patch from
except with no direct obejctives as i wrote in other thread is carbonite working (maybe some maps are missing) but i have no own expecrience with that

Lamoot 09-27-12 12:53 PM

The map works, but the quests still aren't in the database.

[email protected] 09-27-12 01:27 PM

Quests Tracking all areas and MoP Maps Missing
Carboniteaddon not working IE. no Mists of Pandaria maps, no quest zones, no quest tracking.

jarda128 09-27-12 02:19 PM

My experience was that the most quest in the jade forest works correctly except with no direct obejctivem,but now i found quest Trapped which is also not in database ...
so you are right it seem we must wait for next update
ps. Quest TRapped change color from brown to white so is is problem mostly with no direct obejctives

Lamoot 09-27-12 02:46 PM

It seems that all the new quests i get in my log are working fine. Everythings working now.

Rythal 09-27-12 03:10 PM

If you *must* have the blobs, click your tracking minimap icon and turn on track Quest POIs .... they are ugly with the border blizzard puts on them, but it works... showing the blob on the minimap for you.... my next release will hide that border but keep the actual blob showing.

You do need to be tracking the quest in blizzards quest log for it to show (alt-l) until i'm able to make blizzards tracking and carbonites tracking sync.

I've also figured out how to make it log/track/show the gathering profession stuff (just tested with ghostiron) so that will also be in the next release.

jarda128 09-27-12 03:28 PM

I think he doesnt need blobs but cant even use wyapoints/tquest tracking at all ...
blizzard dot seems to be enough for most users (only problem is when you should no objective only go to some npc,quest tracking is brown a you cant set waypoints)...
but this is not problem for me because i use zygor guide,but it is only a little thing ...
but if it will be fixed it would be perfect ...

JimJoBlue 09-28-12 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Rythal (Post 265217)
I've also figured out how to make it log/track/show the gathering profession stuff (just tested with ghostiron) so that will also be in the next release.

Good news there... Very pleased...
It's about time Carbonite gets some tlc and with the news from (Faatal & Haavok are going to discuss releasing the source.) I can see Carbonite becoming the no1 addon to have for WoW again..

I also use Zygor guides.. it integrates with Carbonite very well... (props to the dev of Zygor for that one...) so I have very little problems with the quests. I highly recommend getting Zygor.

Emweekins8807 09-29-12 12:26 PM

How do I patch?
I have no clue upon how to patch...I'm a noob -_- someone help,please?

jeffy162 09-29-12 08:06 PM

Go HERE. The link is at the top of the page in the title bar.

After you download it, unzip it to your "\Interface\AddOns\" folder and allow it to overwrite the Carbonite files that are already there.

You just patched Carbonite. Go play WoW and enjoy.

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