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MadMisha 09-27-12 06:24 PM

started to quest down there and carbonite dont work suddenly, works fine with all my other toons so something is wrong there, anyone have suggestions?

lerb 09-28-12 05:22 AM

Hi MadMisha. In order for people to help out you'll need to be more specific. What more exactly happened? What were you doing when the issue/issues occured? And so on.

Another note is that Carbonite has been funky for quite a long time for many players, since the developers of the addon hasn't been updating it frequently. It's known that Carbonite nowadays is quite buggy. If you search these forums you might find someone who have had a similiar issue and/or how you should proceed.

MadMisha 09-28-12 04:27 PM

it just had stopped working, however since i posted that when i got on this morning it was working fine, go figure!

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