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donsbeast1410 09-29-12 11:49 AM

nui auto loot
for some reason my nui is disableling my autoloot is there any way to fix this

Xrystal 09-29-12 12:59 PM

auto loot is working fine for me. you've definitely confirmed that the options screen hasn't turned off or adjusted how auto loot works ?

Otherwise define by not working. What happens? Screenshot ?

donsbeast1410 10-10-12 02:26 PM

auto loot not working
What I meant was I go into my options and turn it off then I will go and kill mobs and loot and i have to click on all the items and go and turn it on again

Samohthda 10-10-12 03:01 PM

If u turned autoloot off, then thats what its suppose to do. You need to click on every item to add to your bag. You need to turn it on so it autoloots and puts it all in your bags

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