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MickeTun 09-30-12 08:11 AM

New Battlepet + Emotions
Hi everyone!
When I Learned the BattlePet, There was no indication of this in LUA, right or wrong?

Im almost embarrased to ask this but in LUA how do You get the Emotion- list You have in drop down list when in "Blizard"-Mode?

Answers would be most appreciated

Good Luck to You all playing Pandaria

lerb 10-10-12 04:42 PM

I don't understand what you're saying unfortunately.

What do you mean there was no indication in Lua when you learned Pet Battles? Do you want something in the pet battle system to print emotes to your chat?

Jarod24 10-11-12 07:57 AM

There is the following events fired when you start/finish a petbattle



info here:

For emotes you can use the DoEmote(TOKEN) function.
TOKEN is a string telling the API what emote to perform.


DoEmote("CHICKEN"); --this will do the chicken emote
All emote tokens are defined in \Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua They are defined in global variables called "EMOTE<number>_TOKEN"
They are sequential up until 170, then there is suddenly a gap. Either use a hardcoded list or a loop of some sort if you want to enumerate them all.

local maxID = 500; --A number well beyond the number of emotes available ingame at the moment
for i=1, maxID do
    local tmpName = "EMOTE".._tostring(i).."_TOKEN";
    local tmpToken = G[tmpName];
    if (tmpToken ~= nil and type(tmpToken) == "string") then print(tmpToken); end
end--for i

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