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Hexhiss 10-01-12 04:28 PM

nUI vs. Hunter
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Not sure if I am the only one having this problem, but when I log into my hunter, with nUI active, i can NOT dismiss my pet in order to summon a different one. I right click on the pet's target icon and click DISMISS, and I recieve an error that says it is an illegal function. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? nUI is my bread and butter for PvP and questing. :(

Xrystal 10-01-12 04:33 PM

No unit frame addon is allowed to access certain options from the right click menu such as dismissing pets and focusing targets. What you have to do in this case is use the Pet Dismiss ability that hunters get specifically.

Seer 10-01-12 04:56 PM

Hm.. Is that different from lock pets? Pretty sure I can dismiss mine, maybe not in combat tho. (Am aware setting focus not working)

Xrystal 10-01-12 05:46 PM

I don't know, I never really dismiss my warlock pets I just summon a new one that replaces the old one rofl

spiel2001 10-01-12 07:31 PM

This is the same bug as the right-click menu focus problem... it is a known taint bug in the Blizz unit frames for all addons. As a hunter, however, you can just drag the dismiss spell onto one of the action bars and use that.

Seer 10-02-12 02:44 AM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 265596)
I don't know, I never really dismiss my warlock pets I just summon a new one that replaces the old one rofl

They're an annoyance sometimes :-p So I get rid of them during pet battles, cause they can be attacked by a (low level) mob during the battle..

Or during some dailies, there's one you enter another realm of some sort to rescue some npcs or so.. If you or your pet get hit by a mob you get thrown out, not a big deal (unless you happen to zone in a mop pack or 4 at once..) but annoying non the less :-p

Hexhiss 10-02-12 05:31 AM

I feel like a total schmuck. It never occured to me to drag the hunter DISMISS PET ability to the action bar. thanks guys n gals. I guess the old addage is true, " More often than not, the most simple answer is the correct one.":banana:

crazzzzi 10-02-12 05:58 AM

nah, don't feel bad. real story a friend has been playing since BC days on his drood(heal/boom) just remembered/realised he can shif t to bear form a month ago :)

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