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spAnser 10-01-12 10:41 PM

Glorious Drops
Released an addon called Glorious Drops and was surprised unlike my first addon it has a good chunk of downloads for 2 days but no feedback at all in the comments.

What do you guys think?, other than its simple and does what its supposed to.

btw its on Curse as well:

Phanx 10-01-12 11:03 PM

A lack of comments usually means you did a good job of testing, and there aren't any bugs. ;)

spAnser 10-01-12 11:10 PM

Wrote it in 3-4 hours the other day when I got tired of alt tabbing out to try and see what dropped from each different rare.

While writing the addon I was camping Nalash Verdantis and after seeing it 3 times I got Hollow Reed

I'm only missing credit for Go-Kan for my Glorious! achievement as well. Me and a guildie are usually just flying around in heroics ques killing em all.

Mazzop 10-15-12 04:00 AM

well, visit curse again, u have lua errors in that addon,
i am amateur and when trying to fix this one /sended u pm/, i just got other one :)

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