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Phanx 10-01-12 11:09 PM

Carbonite Archive forum missing from exclusion options
My "New Posts" list is suddenly filled with Carbonite threads from the new Carbonite Archive forum. Unfortunately, this forum is missing from the "Forums To Exclude From View" options, so I can't get rid of this useless spam. Please fix. :(

Cairenn 10-01-12 11:11 PM

Blerg, sorry, forgot that step. Fixing.

Fixededed. Sorry 'bout that.

Torhal 10-01-12 11:56 PM

I was wondering about that, since I explicitly disabled that forum well over a year ago. :D

Cairenn 10-02-12 12:26 AM

Yeah, it's because I did a forum reset on the live Carbonite forums, give Rythal a clean slate to work with. So everything got moved to a new 'archive' forum. It's a one-time thing, though, there's no way to make any new posts in that forum, so once you've marked that forum read it won't show up again.

Phanx 10-02-12 04:21 PM

The "Carbonite Development" forum is still missing from the exclusion list.

Cairenn 10-02-12 04:48 PM


10 characters

Ketho 11-28-12 12:11 PM

The recent Carbonite: Bug Reports - Beta Release Version forum is missing from the exclusion list


Cairenn 11-28-12 12:57 PM

Check now, please.

Ketho 11-28-12 01:17 PM

Thanks Cairenn, I see it in the list now =)

Cairenn 11-28-12 01:20 PM

Good. I had forgotten to turn on that option when I set up the forum. Sorry about that.

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