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Hardwire8503 10-02-12 02:09 PM

Panda Faction Logo
I noticed where the logo for Horde and Alliance are that there is a Green Box is if you pick Panda. Is there a way to change this kinda annoying :/

Xrystal 10-02-12 02:30 PM

What level is your Pandarian ? I believe they are neutral up to a certain level so that would cause a problem there. At a quick look at the code for the UnitPVP.lua file I am not 100% sure of what needs to be changed as of yet so as not to affect all the other classes. Scott may have already worked out its requirement for version 6 so you might have to wait until then unless its easy to implement that change in the version 5 equivalent file.

spiel2001 10-02-12 08:04 PM

Yeah... this is fixed in nUI6 already. I just use the arena combat flag instead of the faction flag.

Hardwire8503 10-02-12 08:29 PM

okay thanks I was just wondering if you guys knew and had a fix for it. cant wait for 6 :)

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