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mbernarr 10-03-12 11:51 AM

Shado-Pan Monastery last boss no meditate button
Ran Shado-Pan Monastery couple of times now and on the last boss in there we are supposed to have a meditate button on our screens that we can press when we have full rage to pull us out of that state. I am not getting the meditate button on my screen so I can get out of full hatred. AKA I am stuck at full hatred and cant do anything for the rest of the encounter. I get the rage bar on my screen but I am not seeing the button to meditate. Now if its there and I just need to go into movers and find it and put it on my screen so I can see it I can do that but not sure what that button would be called.

Vlad 10-03-12 12:27 PM

Extra button, been an issue since it was added to the game (according to forum posts) weird it's still not resolved. :P Probably action bar related.

Xrystal 10-03-12 02:12 PM

Looks like Scott has it almost if not sorted for version 6. I have also got it workin in 5 but in tidying up the code someone tested it to find some errors so awaiting further testing.

I did post up the changed files yesterday for people that might want to try it out. The only reason we have been unable to get it working properly is because it only existed in dungeons which I have not run since cata first was released. Thankfully mists expansion bought about its use in the panda quests so I have had ample opportunity to tweak and test things to the point that I have a working version.

Do a search for ExtraActionButton1 and look at the missing icons or buttons thread and you should see what work I have been doing on it.

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