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FiireStorm 10-05-12 09:32 PM

Map black in Pandaria
I was wondering if this is going to be fixed,

I have a map on everywhere else, but when I am in pandaria the map is black and I have to disable carbonite because I can't see where I'm going which is a real shame! because I like to click go to and this makes it so much easier. Carbonite in general is a far better map so please fix this asap. :(

Draugrs 10-05-12 09:55 PM

Not sure why you are still having that issue but patch by Rythal corrected that issue or at least for me and several others. Make sure you install the latest patch 5.05.01. You might try uninstalling your current version and re-install with new version.

FiireStorm 10-06-12 02:18 AM

ok thanks! I will give that a try, but every time I go to carboniteaddon page it says patch 5.04

FiireStorm 10-06-12 02:27 AM

Thanks ever so much I took your advice and it worked like a charm <3

Alexandra 10-08-12 03:47 AM

Issue is back with v5.052.

Map is black when installing carbonite manually from wowinterface, carbonite completely breaks my UI when using the curse auto updater (it already broke ui with previous version).

I am using :

Hope it gets resolved, I moved back to previous carbonite version

Mardread 10-08-12 05:47 AM

I deleted the previous version of Carbonite and installed this version. The map works, though I do have one error, which is the incompatibility with NPCScan Overlay.

ozzies 10-08-12 09:21 AM

Thank You Rythal for EVERYTHING

Parrish1968 10-09-12 06:28 AM

link for new version ?
sorry for being a noob but where is the link for version 5.05.01 ?

mjumnito 10-09-12 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by Parrish1968 (Post 266309)
sorry for being a noob but where is the link for version 5.05.01 ?

newest version is right here on WOWI or Curse

Xcari 10-09-12 02:30 PM

Pandaren starting area map was fine in prior (Rythal) version, as of yesterday. Downloaded and installed current version this morning (Tues Oct 9th). Now, map in Pandaren starting area is black. Paths (ant trail) shows up, and quest objective colored dots show up in the correct locations, but no map features are visible. Main Pandaria continent maps are fine. Problem is only in the Pandaren starting area.

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