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darkberri 10-07-12 02:12 PM

Action bar for druid
Erm not sure if this is a "bug" but i recently made a druid and everytime i shift in to the boomkin form my spell bar disappears. Its fine when i shift in to bear/cat form with the aproperate spells just when try going in to my boomkin nothing

Xrystal 10-07-12 02:26 PM

Hmm, I'll take a look when I can get back in game in a few. Gonna be levelling my druid up next so think I'll do as her resto/boom this expansion and see how that goes rofl.

There has always been a problem with druid bars in nUI due to the extra bar but now of course they added another one so it may have added to the problem.

darkberri 10-07-12 02:40 PM

Ah ok thanks for the speedy reply wasnt sure if it was anything. I'll just use one of the other bars when in boom form :)

spiel2001 10-07-12 02:47 PM

Can you drag and drop spells onto the bar?

darkberri 10-07-12 02:54 PM

Yes but it doubles them when i un shift for some reason

spiel2001 10-07-12 04:14 PM

What do you mean by "it doubles them" ??

Xrystal 10-07-12 06:33 PM

Just tried it out on my druid and it works as before.

Balance bar is the same as the one in the lower right. The only thing I noticed was that it was when I picked boomkin the spells auto populated the non form bar rather than the proper boomkin bar. Probably because you can use quite a few of them outside the form. But once I placed the spells I wanted on the boomkin bar switching forms worked as normal.

I shifted into all forms and boomkin, cat and bear had their own bars with swim, travel and flight using the caster bar.

I think we will need a screenshot to understand what you mean.

darkberri 10-08-12 03:45 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Think this what you mean not overly savy when it comes to things like this ive attached 2 screen shots one in "normal form" and one in boomkin form it just seem to scroll through all the other bars but not my spell bar

Xrystal 10-08-12 01:50 PM

Yes that is indeed it.

After you switch into boomkin form, then put your spells on the bar that is there. You will find it is the same as the bar in the bottom right. It is a known limitation with nUI 5 due to the extra stances that druids have that have their own bars. I believe nUI 6 will not have that limitation, but Scott will be able to confirm that for sure.

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