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Jan Logan 10-10-12 12:47 PM

Map a no show
I have used carbonite for quite a long time, but now with Mists, my world map won't show. All I have is a black screen with the flight plan icons on it. I have reloaded, un-installed a couple of times and reinstalled to no avail. The mini map in corner is their but am unable to tell where I am going and of course have no "go-to"
Can you help me?

nephytis 10-10-12 02:08 PM

I have the same issue. the current build states that it's MOP ready, but i cant see pandaria map nor quests. It's been like this since xpac went live.

Rythal 10-10-12 03:16 PM

even if you think you have the latest, try downloading it again... while carboniteaddon says latest is 5.041 (which was not mop compatable), the latest is actually 5.053 now.

shadow78 10-10-12 03:55 PM

some of the panda area don't have low lv map.. zoom out and you see the main map..
the old zone still have the low lv map. zoom all the way in..
The best I can say is that it the mini map - map ( map in map in map) .
I don't know what how to put it.. so I did my best to say it.

to Rythal
to seee what I mean .. start a panda and zoom the map all the way in and then out . I hope this helps as this could be what they are talking about.. to me I can live without most of it.. till you get it done fully.
But Still At lease I know Carbonite will live due to you.

To all your hard work ---- :banana::banana::banana::banana:

Rythal 10-10-12 04:51 PM

yeah I've seen other's say the wandering isle map is missing so I missed something in regards to it when I moved the code, but they mentioned flight paths, which wandering isle doesn't have.

The rest of pandaria works fine if they have the latest version. A lot of the problems are stemming from people checking see it say 5.041 and assume they have the working version.

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