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Bonesyelf 10-11-12 07:01 AM

Bug Report - Daily Quests MOP
Don't know if this has been reported yet but thought I should throw it up. While attempting to do dailies in MOP (specific example, Cooking Daily from Halfhill where you have to do Chickens) there is an action bar that is supposed to come up to either Dunk Chicken in water, boot chicken, put chicken in cage etc, that does not come up and is not useable. I have to disable NUI+ in order to do that or I have to use nui AURA bar and right click off the pick up.

There have been a few quests and dailies that spawn their own unique action bar so far that this has happened to me with (Barrels out in front of the Brewery when Monkey throws barrel on you is another example).

Thanks and keep up the great work, been using NUI for a very long time now and love it

Seer 10-11-12 09:00 AM

Should be fixed with the files/linked in Xrystal her signature, or this post

For more info on this

As a side note, it's a given Xrystal needs to get /hugged for all her effort :-p

Xrystal 10-11-12 01:09 PM

aww thanks seer.

i love nui along with everyne else. i couldnt play wow without it now or something very similar.

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