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sid244 10-12-12 06:41 PM

Addon request. PvP enemy register.

Please can somone create an addon which would register all players in PvP world who atacked me or ganked, and alert me if they are around. I just want to make sure they will pay back.

Seerah 10-12-12 07:13 PM

How's this?

gmarco 10-14-12 11:10 AM

I was looking for this addon too...

Not so complicated like vanas kos, but a simple thing like ...

1) you kill me ...
2) a popup appears saying if you wanna add your name in my ganklist (and a line of note if possible).
3) when I'll find you again and I mouseover you --> your tooltip will be red.

like the old ganklist was.

I am really tired to be always like a sacrifice lamb :-)

Thanks anyone whos wants to make it (or fix the old and retired "ganklist" )

tinyu 10-14-12 09:54 PM

Punks List in Carbonite can do this.

gmarco 10-15-12 09:15 AM

The problem is that I was looking something simple and lightweight ...

Install carbonite to only use that seems to me a waste of resources.
Or I miss something ?

tinyu 10-16-12 02:26 AM

The new maintainer of Carbonite is actually going to be splitting Carbonite into moduels. might be awhile though.

gmarco 10-19-12 11:42 PM

In the meantime ... is there a LUA coder that want to take this little abbandoned addon and fix for 5.0.5 ?

or this

It will be a fantastic thing.
Also becasuse there is no such other addon of this genre.

Thanks in advance.

gmarco 11-18-12 01:52 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Hi all,

I make tiny ganklist addon:

RemGank (Remember Gankers :-)

remgank commands
/remgank - This help
/remgank add <player_name> <note> - Add a ganker
/remgank del <player_name> - Remove a ganker
/remgank list - List those silly gankers
/remgank wipe - Erase all the table

It simply modify (like the old ganklist did) the tooltip with a red background adding a note (to remember :-).

If someone would like to check it before I commit as a project I'll be very happy.

Thanks again for everything.

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