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tinyu 10-13-12 11:31 PM

Website issues
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There seems to be a issue with the "HELP" button on the top menu bar thing.

Seerah 10-14-12 12:19 AM

Did you disable any plugins you may be using in Explorer? It works fine for me in Chrome and in IE with no plugins.

tinyu 10-14-12 03:40 AM

nothing has changed just logged on the site today and its like it. im using IE aswell (its my GFs Laptop I'd be using FireFox if it was mine lol).

tinyu 10-17-12 03:23 AM

ok ive gone through all the options in the UCP, I'ive cleared cookies and my cache (clear everything tbh) and I can't resolve the issue.

If anyone has any options I'm all ears

Dolby 10-17-12 11:56 AM

The font size is being overridden by the browser and its being made too large for the menu to cope with. Instead of just making the font bigger you should scale the page (with graphics).

If thats not the case, that looks like your running IE7 or 8? You'd get a much better experience running 9 since 8 and below can't do some of the css stuff we are doing. I noticed because there aren't any rounded corners on the news tabs.

I'll have to load up a VM with IE8 and test.

Phanx 10-17-12 06:41 PM

Just a note about IE -- IE9+ don't work on Windows XP, so people still using XP can't update past IE8.

tinyu 10-18-12 01:33 AM

IE9 and Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

Dolby 10-18-12 01:34 AM

Are you running our site in compatibility mode? if so try turning it off for our site.

tinyu 10-18-12 01:37 AM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 267055)
Are you running our site in compatibility mode? if so try turning it off for our site.

Thanks Dolby that was the problem, I had no idea about that option.

Dolby 10-18-12 01:38 AM

No problem glad its working now. :)

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