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shyrotam 10-15-12 06:36 AM

shift-click enemy target name
Is it possible? How?

I'd like to copy the enemy name Ctrl-C and be able to paste it Ctrl-V into a macro.

Thanks for any replies.

Phanx 10-15-12 06:49 AM

It's possible, but I don't know of any existing addons that do it, so you'd have to write your own. Basically you'd need to call UnitName("target"), put the result in an editbox, and preselect all the text. Then you'd just need to hit Ctrl+C. You could even bind Ctrl+C to the function, so you could just target something and press Ctrl+C twice, then Escape to close the editbox (or have it auto-hide after a preset amount of time).

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