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Thibs 10-15-12 04:50 PM

vehicle Frame MIA
On some bosses in WOW:MoP u need the vehicle button to active something.
for exsample on the last boss of Shado-pan Monastary for meditation and 3de boss in mogu'shan vaults to get out of the spirit world.

Now when doing these bosses them don't appear for me.
I've looked over my entire screen can't find them.
I've been browsing through the endless number of /commands.
Find it very odd that it doesnt even show up in /nui movers.

how can i fix this

Xrystal 10-15-12 05:14 PM

Is it a single button that is supposed to appear at certain times during the dungeon that you have to click to proceed onwards ?
If so that is probably the extraactionbutton1 fix that is in my signature.

If it is something else then do you have my fix in place?
Does it work as expected without my fix for the extraactionbutton1 ?

My tests so far (although I have only done heroic scarlet monastery and heroic stormstout brewery so far) the button bar now seems to be working as expected. The many quests that you do in Pandaria from level 85 use the override bar ( 6 buttons max ) and the extraactionbar ( only 1 big button that pops up periodically) and made testing easier.

The only glitch so far found is when 1. You don't need a vehicle bar but you are in a vehicle. This happens when in the Jade Cart for that quest whereby you have to fight against the mobs but the vehicle bar has been initiated and thus overriding the main action bar but doesn't place any spells in their place.

Thibs 10-16-12 08:31 AM

Ok so I downloaded from like u said and added it to nUI.
after words i went to Shado-pan Monastery to test it and it worked thx

So for anyone having problems with Vehicle Frames / Vehicle Button you can Fix it with this link

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