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brett71 10-15-12 06:42 PM

Integrated mini-map not working in indoor areas
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Whenever I move into an indoor area, the circle where the minimap should overlay on the world map turns into a black circle. If I zoom in or out far enough, the minimap will dock in the upper-left and it shows correctly the interior map, but zooming back in so it overlays goes back to a black void. Screenshot attached.

jeffy162 10-16-12 10:35 AM

Open Carbonites options (type "/carb options" in chat, right click the Carbonite minimap button and choose "Options" in the menu, right click a non-icon area of any Carbonite map and choose "Options" in the menu) to the "Map Minimap" page, and look for the "Minimap docks in indoor areas" option, and check it. See if that helps.

The wording I gave for the option may not be exactly correct, since I'm not in-game at the moment to check it, but it should be similar.

brett71 10-17-12 05:12 PM

I checked the box indicated, and the minimap then permanently docks in the upper-left of the map window, regardless of zoom level, and functions normally. This is not the desired behavior and this is not the behavior pre-5.0. When I was playing before, up to Cataclysm, the minimap, at certain zoom levels, would superimpose over the Carbonite map. This is what is broken.

Rythal 10-17-12 05:50 PM

Blizzard broke it.

Before 5.0 going indoors would cause the black circle, which was why the option to dock indoors was added.

Since 5.0 and the introduction of "microdungeons" a lot of spots which are "indoors" but allow you to mount, like undercity, caverns of time, dalaran, ironforge cause the same problems with the minimap. If it's even .1 transparent it just goes fully black, which is why the option exists now to dock on bugged zones. I don't have all the bugged zones added, since I can only add them as i discover them or people report it.

I would not suggest turning on bugged zones tho until next release, because it's only partially working, I forgot to set alpha to 1 when docking so it docks, but goes black.

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