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merneith 10-15-12 10:01 PM

Problems with the front page layout
I'm using Firefox 15, on a 24" monitor, resolution 1920x1080. Windows 7.

For some reason, the frontpage always loads wonky, like so:

All the other pages load just fine, it seems to just be the front page. It's related to my widescreen monitor I assume. And like I said, everything else looks correctly. It's just the front page that's off centered.

Dolby 10-15-12 10:03 PM

Thats because you've increased the font size of our site and our menu can't handle a font that large.

Seerah 10-16-12 03:11 PM

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When zooming in your browser, make sure that your browser also zooms the textures on the page, rather than just overriding the text sizes.

For example, this is Chrome set to 300%.

merneith 10-18-12 03:28 AM

Thanks for the suggestion - but no, I don't think it's the zoom or font size. Or if it is, there's something specific about the code on the community.php page zooming correctly. If I visit - everything lays out just right. And if I visit any of the individual mod pages, everything looks right. Ditto for the forum. It's only the community.php page that looks wonky like that.

Seerah 10-18-12 03:24 PM

Did you try turning off all FF plugins? Cause there's some reason why your fonts are so freakin' huge. ;)

/edit: and did you double-check your zoom level? Try zooming in/out to see if it fixes it.

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