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ExionFatalis 10-19-12 11:03 PM

Extra Action Bar interference
When doing Shado-Pan Monastery, at the last boss Taran Zhu the Extra Action Bar had hide the Action Bar 1, so through the whole fight i wasn't able to do a thing.

Xrystal 10-19-12 11:40 PM

Release 5.07.28 posted last night fixed that issue. the problem was due to a missing line in release 5.07.27 when incorporating my fixes for it.

jwitsman 10-24-12 09:39 PM

patch didnt fix the issue just had it happen to me and i have the latest patch. It only does it on the last shado pan monestary boss. All other times with extra action button worked fine today.

Xrystal 10-25-12 12:25 AM

Can you post a screenshot. Because it is hard to imagine that it is working in some parts but not others as the code is simply saying ... when blizz says to display the extra action bar display it ... the bug with hiding the main bar at the same time would affect it every time not just on one element.

Have the extraactionbutton1 macro ready on one of your other bars just in case it happens again.

Has someone else seen this happen? I haven't done that instance myself so cannot say either way but code wise it just isn't possible to have this happen in this way.

Looking at a screenshot here ( ) that is said to be from the same boss fight it shows the override bar (which overrides the main action bar ) and adds 3 actions for you to use. Now, the question is, do you get these spells appear on the action bar and does the extra action button then appear ( or supposed to ) at the same time?

If that is the case unfortunately there is no quest that has that combination to be able to test it outside of the dungeon run. So, to know what is supposed to happen one would have to run it without nUI running to see how blizzard has it designed to run like and then try and mimic it.

Looking elsewhere around the internet it seems other button addons have a similar problem and people are reduced to using the extra action button macro to resolve it. Perhaps another instance where the situation isn't being flagged properly for us to display things right. EG. I am displaying the override bar ( a 6 button max replacement action bar ), the playeralt bar ( an extra frame ) but when I feel like it I will be displaying the extra action button for you to click ( a single button ) as and when required.

The fix in 5.06.28 stopped the main bar from changing when the extra button is displayed but it does change whenever blizzard tells us the override bar is being displayed as it is supposed to replace the main action bar with actions you are supposed to use at that time.

So, what we need to have done if anyone ever gets to go in there is ... :

1. A screenshot of what blizzard ( without an action bar addon being used like bartender/nUI etc ) is doing

2. A screenshot of what nUI is doing at the same time. Have the extra action button macro ready to use so that at least you don't wipe the group ( if that is the end result ).

There is a chance that one of the other frames that coincidently gets displayed at the same time is hiding the button for you due to the frames location. But again until we see a screenshot we can't confirm what is happening to try and locate a fix for it.

Xrystal 10-25-12 12:37 AM

ok found this video of someone using another UI ( the name escapes me at the moment ) and shows everything working as expected.

The only difference with this fight compared to any others is that the special bar is being displayed all the time and not just popping up as and when you need to click it. Whether this particular UI is forcing it to be displayed all the time I don't know. Hence the need to see how blizz is handling this so that we know what to ask blizz to tell us so that we can react similarly.

I really can't understand why just on this fight ( at present ) this is happening but all other times ( so far ) it is working properly.

spiel2001 10-25-12 04:48 AM

That's SpartanUI... the one that I got the idea to create nUI from. ~smile~ I was using it and liked the concept, but not the UI... so I ran with it from there.

Xrystal 10-25-12 12:36 PM

Ah, spartanui, my brother uses it for his ui. As to the problem at hand, could you possibly talk to your blizzard contact and see if the extra action bar for this boss has to be handled differently, because it is always on screen rather than just popping up. Like that cart quest where you are in a vehicle but you need to use your own spells rather than the non existent buttons that it flops to.

spiel2001 10-25-12 05:17 PM

Yeah... I'll look into it.

However, I think that mechanic there is supposed to have the button come and go, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone can do that with the default UI and see what it does?

Xrystal 10-25-12 06:16 PM

Thats what I was expecting. all the other times it is working that seems to be the case. But looking at the you tube videos ( and there is one with the default blizz UI ) it seems it always stays on the screen.

SirWilliam92 10-25-12 06:40 PM

For the last boss of Shado-Pan, the button is meant to be always available..... You obviously don't want to always click it, but you use it to prevent a mechanic (similar to Ultraxion. It was always available but only useful to avoid mechanics). The boss has several abilities that generate "anger", and the special button 'meditates' to reduce anger to 0 at the cost of a few seconds dps - being that you want to avoid hitting 100 anger.

So in brief, the button in that fight is/should be always available.

Xrystal 10-25-12 07:11 PM

Which, so far seems to be the only difference between the two displays of the extra action bar. If it appears periodically as in the quests and the odd dungeon/instance etc the main action bar is not affected but in this one particular instance ( so far ) the button is always displayed and the main action bar disappears. so thus, there is either a missing test that blizzard hasn't let us know about that will allow this to work or it is another of those instances whereby blizzard hasn't catered for this scenario for action bar addons.

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