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Mordralis 10-20-12 09:36 AM

Quest Tracker Not Showing Quests
Not sure if this is the proper forum, but hope it is. Anyway...

The quest tracker is one of the most valuable tools for me in Carbonite. The list shows what quests are completed, what needs to be completed, arranges the quests according to location, etc. It saves me TONS of time, especially in Panderia.

Don't know what happened, but lately, either one quest will show in the menu, or none at all. Nothing I do seems to change the quests that does show. I've rechecked the distance & terriority filters, as well as other filters. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled Carbonite. I'm using the latest version (?) 5.053.

If someone could give me some direction in this, I'd sure appreciate it.

********************* Revised Sunday October 21, 2012 *************************
Ok, the problem seemed to have suddenly fixed itself. Guess the grimlins got bored and went on.
Anyway, if you can figure out what causes this and how to resolve it, in the event it happens next time, I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks bunches!:banana:

esran 10-22-12 04:17 AM

I was finding the occasional quest not being shown in the tracker. Today I stumbled across the carbonite quest log (default keybinding Alt-L). Tracking can be toggled for each quest there and the ones I was missing were turned off. No idea how that had happened but easy enough to get them back.

Mordralis 10-22-12 04:57 PM

This is getting really frustrating! The same issue is happening again as initially posted above!

I can see the menu bar for quests, and on the one toon everything is identical as in all my other toons - but no quests show up on this one toon! I have a total of 16 quests in my log, 2 of which are completed. The buttons are highlighted to track on each of them, and distances are set to max as well as showing quests outside of the area. I have tried everything, and NOTHING works to bring up the lists of quests! If I do the Alt+L, I get the log and everything is ok...but I'm talking about the list that shows on the game page, not the log.

Can someone PLEASE help me get this resolved?!? As I said, it works fine on my other toons, just not on the one.

dhjohn 10-22-12 05:26 PM

A few things that may be the issue.

1) Carbonite may not be tracking those quests. Bring up the Carbonite quest log (L or Alt-L generally), and make sure the circles next to the quests are bright.

2) The quest log may be minimized. Click the little arrow to the right of the circle buttons to see if that expands the quest log. If so, the quest tracker was minimized.

Other than that, I'm not sure.

JimJoBlue 10-22-12 09:23 PM

Have you tried disabling ALL other addons and see if you still have the issue?

Sounds like a conflict to me..

If the problem goes away when you have all the other addons disabled, start re-enabling the other addons one by one and see if you can find the one that causes the conflict..

Mordralis 10-23-12 08:04 AM

No Cigar, Yet
Thanks for your attempts to explaining issues and resolutions. However...
  • It's not a natter of the quest not being in the database - those will generally show in the list regardless, just will not let you click on it to track it.
  • It's not a matter of the list being minimized. Already checked that to make sure.
  • It's can't be a add-on conflict, as my other toons use the same add-ons and they have no problem.
  • I've disabled the add-ons for that one toon, going back to Blizz, I've uninstalled and re-installed the Carboniteaddon. I've double checked settings and all settings on the toons that work are identical to the settings on the one that doesn't.

So, you can see why this is so frustrating. If it were a toon I didn't care about, I'd just delete it and do another. Howver, this toon has the most power, achievements and proffs, that I have been working on for more than 3 years. So, just hoping that someone out there has a similiar scenario...otherwise, it's back to BLizz's sucky tracking system.


dhjohn 10-23-12 08:51 AM

Have you tried importing the setting directly from another character, or resetting the carbonite settings? That is the only other thing I think of.

JimJoBlue 10-23-12 11:14 AM

Is this still happening with the latest version? (5.054)
It's definitely an interesting bug you have there...
I would personally like to see this resolved.

Mordralis 10-23-12 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by JimJoBlue (Post 267472)
Is this still happening with the latest version? (5.054)
It's definitely an interesting bug you have there...
I would personally like to see this resolved.

It was working fine, until I downloaded the latest version. Last version I used was 5.04 and everything was ok.

What I find odd is that, at least the first time, it "resolved itself". This time however it is taking longer to do so. I have even gone as far as to move my WoW interface folder to an external hdd, unplug that drive, and then only download Carbonite 5.054...and nothing changed.

Possibly if someone has vent and can log into my vent to discuss with me sometime, there is something that I may be missing.

Anyway, thx

Mordralis 10-23-12 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by dhjohn (Post 267455)
Have you tried importing the setting directly from another character, or resetting the carbonite settings? That is the only other thing I think of.

Not sure about 'importing' setting from one toon to another. If I'm not mistaken, the settings are global across all toons per server. But I have copied down all the settings from each toon that is working and compared to the one that is not. And since I've uninstalled and reinstalled, that would have the same impact as resetting, as once you do a clean install, everything is set to default.

Thanks for your input though.

JimJoBlue 10-23-12 12:49 PM

I would love to try and help... I am by no means an expert, But I may have a few tricks up my sleeve.

PM me your vent info and we can discuss a few things...

I live in the UK, but I play on US servers... (meaning I am up until about 4am UK time...)

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