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juiceman77777 10-21-12 10:10 PM

Dark Soil
Not sure if this is the spot to request this. Is there anyway to track Dark Soil in Pandaria?

myrroddin 10-22-12 07:20 AM

I don't know about Carbonite, but if you look at the suggestions thread just above, I link to GatherMate2_Data, which has all the nodes. You will need GatherMate2, and the import instructions are on the _Data page.

Since I haven't tried it, either it will display in the Carbonite map, or you will have to flip to the Blizzard map now and then.

Vlad 10-23-12 06:23 PM

To be honest Dark Soil can practically spawn anywhere in the valley and not to mention, thousands of spawn points around all the other zones, I don't know if it's any help to track all possible spawns at once, just look at: Not that helpful, gives you an idea where to look (like an area) but nothing specific other than that, hehe. :P

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