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Xanadrea 10-22-12 08:59 AM

Map Issues in 5.05.04
Thanks again Rythal for all the effort you've put into this addon. :)

Since the update today. I can't seem to close my carbonite map when I am in combat. It's fine when I'm out of combat, but pressing the 'm' key while in combat just changes the zoom on the map. Even clicking the little 'x' on the top right corner does not seem to do anything. I'm not sure if there are issues with my settings or if there is a slight problem with the add on.

Xanadrea 10-22-12 09:02 AM

Just to add, if the map is closed when I get into combat, I can't open the map either. Pressing 'm' just zooms the carbonite minimap in and out.

Rythal 10-22-12 09:06 AM

It probably has something to do with the archeology addition, that seems to be generating a lot of errors for people.

fireattack 10-23-12 12:36 AM

I can confirm it, and seems that maximized map is bugged that i can't open it (press "M" jus open another normal map which lacks Maximized button on right-top corner like quest window).

shadow78 10-23-12 06:21 AM

also happens on BG maps.
also when you go to a dungeon a lot of error's pop up.
But not to the point where you can still use it or play ...
if error pop's up again I will try to post it here.

FYI I use Bugsack / BugGrabber as it work's the best for me.

PinkLogic 10-23-12 07:01 AM

confirmed same problem here

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