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Phanx 10-22-12 06:59 PM

New Bugs/Features/Notes alerts for my own posts
Whenever I post or respond to a ticket on my portal, the main menu at the top of the site shows an alert for a new ticket or comment, and it takes forever to figure out that I have indeed read my own ticket or comment and remove the alert. Ideally, my own posts should not trigger these alerts.

Dolby 10-25-12 11:57 AM

Hrm, I thought I already had checking for that. Ok I'll take a look at it again.

Does it alert you on your admin screen too with it outlined? Or just in the top site menu?

Seerah 10-25-12 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 267694)
Does it alert you on your admin screen to with it outlined?

yes, it does

Phanx 10-31-12 07:38 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a screenshot showing:

(1) Menu alert for 1 new bug, and 1 new bug highlighted on the bug admin page. This is fine, but I already read and responded to the bug, so it doesn't really need to be flagged as new anymore.

(2) Menu alert for 2 new bug comments, and 1 bug with new comments highlighted on the admin page. Both of these comments were made by myself, so they should not trigger either the menu alert or the highlight.

Edit: Unrelated to the topic bug, but why does the site mangle uploaded images? It appears to have run the attached image through some kind of blurring filter, and I've noticed that images uploaded on my addon pages mysteriously increase in file size by as much as 300%. I've posted about this before but nobody ever responded so I'm not sure if it was ever seen.

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