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pallypuffy 10-24-12 10:16 AM

Quest blobs
Every thing is working just fine cept for no quest blobs show up on either the mini map or carbonite map. they were showing fine b4 but since I downloaded the update they dont show. Am I missing turning on a setting or something?

Rythal 10-24-12 10:18 AM

RIght click on the map, Select "Show..." then check the box for Quest POI

pallypuffy 10-24-12 10:21 AM

quest blobs
Onluy place I found that option was the blizz mini map. I went to the carbonite mini map, then to show. I didnt see that option, just an option for quest blobs. I did click that but they still dont show up.

pallypuffy 10-24-12 11:18 AM

are there certain other addons that aren't compatible with carbonite now with the update?

Rythal 10-24-12 11:30 AM

not that I know of,

you should just be able to turn it on under Show and from then on anytime you track a quest it shows the blob (when out of combat)... nothing else to it.

pallypuffy 10-24-12 11:46 AM

I must not have something showing right then. I clicked quest blobs as thtat was the only quest option it gave me bu tthey just dont show. think Ill try an addon on off marathon and see if something is blocking the blobs.

pallypuffy 10-24-12 01:29 PM

heres something else I thought of. When I dump carb and do a fresh download it seems all my settings are still the same. IS there something else I need to delete b4 I do a fresh DL?

Rythal 10-24-12 02:24 PM

to clear your settings you'd need to uninstall carbonite, then find any carbonite.lua files inside your WTF folder, usually there's one in:
World of Warcraft\WTF\[account name]\[server]\Saved Variables
World of Warcraft\WTF\[account name]\[server]\[Character Name]\Saved Variables

At least I think it's those 2 spots, not at home to check.

pallypuffy 10-24-12 02:35 PM

yeah they are there either, thanks. Im probably just gonna shut down carbonite till I can get this figured out.

fireattack 10-26-12 07:04 PM

I just wanna to ask some blob things as well, so i don't open a new thread :p

Now I have to track certain quest to show its blob on Carbonite's map, instead of show all the carbonite-style of quests together.

To be clearer there are two questions:

1) I have to "track" it, before I didn't need, Carbonite would show the areas all the time;
2) I can't show mutiple areas since i can track only one quest at the same time.

Is it normal/intended or I just messed up some options?


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