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joker469 10-26-12 08:35 PM

Pandaria Herb & Mining nodes missing after loading In options
After loading the Nodes from the options menu, only the ones in Pandaria are missing. but if i find one and mine it, it shows up on my carbonite. Is thier a way to fix this, so that they all show up just like in the rest of the other continents? per I downloaded the latest gatherer nodes but i dont think its making a differnce

Chmee 10-27-12 12:20 AM

Working as intended, from what you say.

The database must be populated, so data has to be collected. Pandaria is new, so it ain't there yet.

Rythal has a lot on his plate. Let's be patient.:cool:

joker469 10-27-12 11:45 PM

I was hoping for maybe a quick work around some how until Rythal gets around to it but, oh well i guess.....*sigh*.....:(

jclement30 11-13-12 11:44 PM

is there a carbonite file I can send to 'contribute' the nodes I've collected? And where or to whom should I send it?

I understand this would be a 'back burner' issue, as there are higher priority items to be addressed first.

blueridgedog 11-17-12 06:56 PM

Any change in this?

Chmee 11-18-12 11:02 AM

No change.

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