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zork 10-27-12 05:22 AM

PTR 5.1 nameplate changes
Has anyone tried the PTR yet? The nameplates got changed again.

Plus tiny mobs get "tiny" nameplates now which looks awful imo.


 2 Chilren, 0 Regions
 -- Child A (FRAME)
    2 Children
    7 Regions
    -- Child AA (Statusbar)
        0 Children
        1 Region
    -- Child AB (Statusbar)
        0 Childen
        4 Regions
 -- Child B (Frame)
    0 Children
    1 Region

Lua Code:
  1. --full nameplate objects
  2.     local f = NamePlate1 --nameplateframe
  3.     f.barFrame, f.nameFrame = f:GetChildren()
  4.     f.barFrame.threat, f.barFrame.border, f.barFrame.highlight, f.barFrame.level, f.barFrame.boss,, f.barFrame.dragon = f.barFrame:GetRegions()
  5. = f.nameFrame:GetRegions()
  6.     f.barFrame.healthbar, f.barFrame.castbar = f.barFrame:GetChildren()
  7.     f.barFrame.healthbar.texture =  f.barFrame.healthbar:GetRegions()
  8.     f.barFrame.castbar.texture, f.barFrame.castbar.border, f.barFrame.castbar.shield, f.barFrame.castbar.icon =  f.barFrame.castbar:GetRegions()

fostic_popcorn 11-28-12 01:22 AM

Hey Zork, thank you so much for this post. I'm a very very amateur coder but thanks to this I was able to figure out and fix my nameplate addon :)

Thanks to all you unsung heroes who post & document API changes!!

Haleth 11-28-12 02:39 AM

The 'small' frames can be fixed by called SetScale(1) on the two child frames of the NamePlate on show.

zork 11-28-12 02:55 AM

Btw...the default nameplates have a bug.

For some reason it is possible that the healthbar object will be set to alpha = 0.5 even while the parent element itself is at alpha = 1. I tried alot of stuff to fix the alpha value. Nothing worked. In the end I decided to create a new healthbar and just hide the default one (but keep it for value reference). That worked out great.

On that note. I had no problems with the frame scaling. That is because I use my own width and create new nameplate art.

Haleth 11-28-12 10:24 AM

Turns out scaling doesn't work at all because of taint. Lovely. Now I'll have to rewrite the whole thing so that my custom borders scale themselves.

hadriya9091 01-11-13 03:40 AM

I couldn't find anything, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. Could you not simply use UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCESS instead, and skip CLEU?

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